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THF Dangerously nearby

The THF! is getting closer and closer, the Open Call is extended until JULY 28 and it keeps waiting for your proposals. Wanna join?
The pre-program is taking shape, a cultivation that grows everyday.

In the menu we have:
Workshops of free programs to develop performances in internet, streaming audiovisual, python programming, servers maintenance.

Digital Security for activists, tunning your operating system, browser and electronic mail to protect your privacy and ameliorate your security in internet.

Production of contents and translations of materials and tutorials for activist collectives. Speeches and debates about transfeminists tactics in internet, feminist servers, technologic sovereignty with gender perspective.
Laboratories of Gynecology self-managed and corporal radicalism, Noise Laboratories, DIY electronics.

Projections, and a cabaret with juicy concerts and perfos.

—> If you are still NOT REGISTERED, and you want to come a be with us some days, REGISTER NOW! it is very important that all of us register for practical necessities (lodging, food..)
—> If you still did not sent a NODE PROPOSAL, the deadline is JULY 28

IMPORTANT: Read The Fucking Manual!!!
FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
-eng /
-eng /
If you had submitted a node/workshop please contact us at to explain which days, hours you prefer and what are your logistics and material needs.

-If after having read the FAQ you still have some doubts, write us to

Here some jewels chosen that turn around mapping and ways, to resignify those through different dimensions: spatial, corporal, emotional or geographic.

Satellite fishing //
Workshop for learning to look for satellites,/
identify their frequencies and listen to the signals that they emit.
Keywords: sat·tèlits, invisible technologies, rutes espacials

Death Cafe
so that death stops being tabú
Keywords: death, life, discussion, cake, mapeo de la ausencia, rutas del duelo

OpenStreetMap Mapping Party
How to learn to create your own maps and geolocated dates to dismantle from the bottom the big brother google maps.
Keywords    OpenStreetMap, mapping, walking, participation,
free/open source, geographical data, resignificación geográfica