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THF agreement

Important things you should know before joining the THF convergence:

  • Attendees are expected to treat all people and facilities with respect and help create a welcoming environment. If you notice behaviour that fails to meet this standard, please speak up and help keep THF as respectful as we expect it to be.
  • NO es NOOOThis is a Transfeminist event and some behaviours are not welcome. Any kind of general hatefullness and disrespect  will be deeply disapproved. We will not invite you to leave, we will directly kick you out. Long story short, if you behave like an ass-hole, THF is just not the right convergence for you.
  • The THF is a self managed event. This means that all participants contribute to its contents, dynamics and logistics. During the event, and before, we will decide together which tasks should be achieved and everyone will contribute to their realisation. We are not service providers, we all cook, recycle, clean, document, inform, take care of the temporal autonomous community we have achieved and have fun together!
  • The THF and Calafou are totally committed to free culture protection and advancement. Therefore if you want to produce an article, piece of audiovisual or any other type of multimedia coverage of the THF and/or Calafou you should release the material under a free license. Read our media protocol if you want to produce something about Calafou (will be translated to english in order to contribute to the documentation and coverage of the THF 2014 event.
  • This political project is located in a space with various particularities. Calafou has developed from an abandoned space into a place of life. It is composed of shelters to accommodate visitors, new homes, spaces and workshops for productive projects and numerous new infrastructures such as a kitchen, dining room, hacklab, chicken hutch, compost space, cleaning point, social center and free store. Now, it should be noted that it is an eco-industrial project, not an agricultural, health project, nor an ecovillage or a retirement space to work spirituality or existentiality. It is not an idilic place for it’s nature and environment, though we all work for it to happen one day.