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Death Cafe // Cafeta de la Muerte

Cafeta de la Muerte // Death Cafe
para que la muerte deje de ser tabú  
Keywords: death, life, discussion, cake 

Format  This  is not a lecture or a workshop,  because there is no set agenda – it  needs to be open enough to allow for  sharing a wide variety o f  experiences and ideas.

  Duration   2:00 pm 
  Abstract: A  “Death Cafe” is a small gathering in a comfortable environment, where   people can talk about all things related to death and dying (usually   over coffee & cake). The  Death Cafe movement started in Switzerland some years ago and has  been  spreading in recent years especially in the UK and the US, but also   many other countries as well. The objective is ‘to increase awareness   of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite)   lives.  Death is a taboo topic in many  cultures, and the neoliberal emphasis  on “self-responsibility” and  “self-optimization” even makes dying often  seem like a moral weakness.  Taboos tend to increase fear, and fear  limits us – and fear of death can  inhibit us from fully living. To  live the way we want to live, though, we should be aware that we will   not live forever (would we even want to?). Death, along with birth, is   what makes us human – so let’s talk about it.
Metodology: Informal  gathering in a comfortable  setting to talk. The facilitator helps the  conversations to run smoothly  and makes sure everyone is ok, but does  not set out specific agendas.
Language: english