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R_R/R > Radio Ramona and Ruelles

Keywords:  netradio, mobile streaming unit

Format:  performative event:  the role of the spectators changed from the  expected role of a passive  hermeneutic process of decoding the  performer’s articulation to  something much more active, entering into a  praxis, »in which meanings  are not so much communicated as created,  questioned and negotiated.

Abstract: Hands on introduction of the technical/conceptual setup of a Radio  Ramona and Ruelles : a mobile online streaming unit with a Raspberry Pi,  battery, a wifi Dongle, a USB soundcard and a powerd USB hub. A  Gstreamer script initializes the Icecast server and interrupts a  preprogrammed playlist with a LIVE feed. All managed in liquidsoap a streaming server software. During the  performative event I will explain how to build it your self,  contextualize the projects and articulate my critical approach towards  technological tools for a common voice. 
Metodology: Learning by listening, acting and voicing
  Language   english