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OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

openstreetmaps  Keywords    OpenStreetMap, mapping, walking, participation, free/open source, geographical data, 
  Format:   workshop 
  Duration   4:00 pm 
  Abstract:  This   mapping party will comprise a  talk, a walking tour, and a hands-on   tutorial. The talk will be on  OpenStreetMap, participatory mapping,  and  free/open source geographical  data and information. The walking  tour  will lead participants to explore  and map the local area through   walking, observing, watching, listening  and sensing collectively and   individually. The event will end with a  tutorial on how to upload data   onto the OpenStreetMap.
  Metodology: This   workshop aims to promote  awareness of OpenStreetMap, and engage   participants in the world of  crowd-sourced open-source geographical   data and information. To maximise  the impact of the workshop, the   methodology is a mixed one comprising  three different types of   activities: a talk, a walking tour and a  tutorial. 
  Language   english