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forks, knives
torch or front light
anti mosquito product
good shoes (do not come only with tongs)
working gloves
bath suit (there is a public swimming pool at one km from calafou, open from 11h to 19h. Cost: 3.50euros from monday to friday and 5.50euros friday  and saturday)
ethernet cables
power strips
your pirate content to share

The THF is short on beamers, micros, cables of any sort, headphones, extension cords and multiplugs, so if you have any of those, please bring them with you. If you want to help Calafou grow, you can also have a look at our wishlist.

Even if you have already registered online, when arriving to Calafou go to the Infopoint (entrance social center) and register. There you will get to all the info you need, purchase your food tickets, check nodes logistics, inscribe yourself for turns (cooking, cleaning, maintenance and fairy for nodes: translation, documentation, logistics).


You can buy food tickets at the infopoint. We consider two possibilities :
> For people with low income: 70€ per week OR 15 per day if you stay 1, 2, 3 or 4 days maximum.
> For people with stable income: 140€ per week OR 25 per day if you stay 1, 2, 3 or 4 days maximum.
Those fees include breakfast, lunch, dinner and expenses such as water and electricity.
You can arrive by train or from the airport, all details can be find here
Note if you come by car, there has been very strong raining last days and it has ruined the way to calafou, so be extra cautious when coming down with car.

Even if we will assume the biggest part of kitchen preparation (buying, making menus, organizing space to cook and eat) we will ask you to contribute by taking over some kitchen, cleaning and serving responsibilities (at least Two turns in the hole week).We will make some appropriate tables to organize among us (infopoint).

All meals will be vegetarian and will include a vegan option. When not at lunch and dinner hours, other goods will be available in the social center.

At least a mat and a sleeping bag and bring a tent if you can (as some people have already arrived, mattresses are largely occupied now and there are few places left in the dormitories). There is also the possibility to lodge in a small family pension located at one kilometer from calafou (single room 15euros/night and double room 25euros/night). If you prefer this option please email spideralex at riseup net (hurry because there are few rooms still available).

* Piss in the woods
* Shit in the toilets
* Prefer compost toilet over water closets
* There is one compost toilet, CAGAFOU
* There are three mobile compost toilet outside below the entrance wall.
* There are two toilets in the back of the social centre
* There is one toilet in the middle of the wood workshops

There is a water issue in calafou in the summer, therefore its use should be minimized and be wisely collectively achieved. Water facilities will be installed for the food.
* Showers should be very short.
 * There are 2 inside showers (in the back of the social centre, in the middle of the wood workshops).
 * There is one shower in the outside (nearby the camping), if you shower during the day you will get naturally heated water too.
 * At the village there is a public swimming pool open from 11h to 19h30. Cost: 3.50 euros from monday to friday and 5.50 euros week end)

  * Do not leave anything below you.
  * All trash should go to the green point or appropriate bins inside buildings (social center, spaces used during the encounter).
  * If you are outside you will find ashtrays in different places, please use those.
  * Any other effects, you should take those all back with you and deposite them in the approriate bins prepared to that effect.
  * If leaving calafou by car, please take with you part of the trash that is deposited in the entrance bin. If leaving calafou by foot, take whatever you can.

  * NO FIRE under any circunstances
  * If you do not know Calafou, do not walk by night without a torch
  * There is a first urgency aid kit in the infoshop.

We ask you please not to bring them. Calafou has dogs and cats and don’t want more, not even as temporary guests.
It is already difficult to find a balance between them and the chicken and geese and the wild life that surrounds us. It will be a problem and will create lots of debate. We hope you understand and find a place for them to stay before coming to Calafou.

The THF, inasmuch as Calafou are completely devoted to free culture protection and advancement.  So if you want to produce an article, audiovisual work or any other multimedia production about the THF and / or calafou you will have to release and share those materials under a free license. Please read our media protocol   ( and if you have any doubts contact the infopoint.

Do not take pictures or audiovisual of people without their permission! Always ask before recording.

If you have any doubts or special needs, please get in contact with the