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UpStage: open source platform for cyberformance


  Keywords    cyberformance, UpStage, live performance
  Format   workshop 
  Abstract :  participants   will learn about UpStage,  an open-source web-based platform for   cyberformance; how to use it and  how to create live online events. we   will prepare for a jam performance  as part of the cabaret – sourcing   & creating digital media and  developing a concept and structure.
  Metodology: it   will be a hands-on workshop;  participants will ideally have their own   laptops, some can share if not  everyone has one. the workshop will be   in roughly 3 parts: 1 hour of  basic learning of the interface and   tools; 1 hour of discussing how a  performance is created and talking   about ideas for the jam; 1 hour of  preparing material for the jam.
Language:  english 
  Infraestructure needed : internet   access for all participants;  beamer (i can bring a little one if   necessary); participants should have  own laptop & headphones
  Recomended lectures  :   has  information about UpStage & links to reading material,   documentation  of shows, etc. also on 30/31 july there is an open   walkthrough in  UpStage so if people want to have a go beforehand they   are welcome to  attend this (there’s information on the UpStage web   site)