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Satellite fishing // Pescando Satélites

satellite fishing

Pescando satélites / talleres para aprender a buscar satélites,
identificar sus frecuencias y escuchar las señales que emiten

  Keywords:    satellites, invisible technologies 

   Abstract: satellites send their information via  radio. we want to show how one can know    where they are; where to find  out, what frequency they broadcast on;    how we can pick up their signals. we use and explain/show Gpredict (free software) and quisk (also free software), and bring all necesary equipment.

part 1 – talk: introduction to movement of satelites, some historic developments, some art work
part 2 – hands on workshop: we go outside and fish 🙂 -> open air -> think of hats for your heads! 
Format   workshop 

Workshop facilitators: reni and jogi hofmüller
Language:   english 
 10 – 12 participants max.