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  Keywords    memoria, Herstory, acciones feministas, impacto Modalidad   presentación    Resumen   HerStory    Metodología: Presentacion  trabajo  lelacoders/donestech sobre la herstory + debate efectividad de  estas  acciones + edici’on pad para añadir nuevas figuras de la  herstory   Idioma: español/ingles   Lecturas recomendadas   Url – web

Debate: what is feminism?


  Format:   debate    Abstract: it is a constant question and  troublesome topic – because the term has been used and misused for so  many purposes – i would like to exchange about doubst and wishes.   Metodology: walk I  give a short impuls, we grab some water and leave walking and talking,   no collective […]

The transformative potentials of online space


The transformative potentials of online space – queer strategies through networked performance art    Format   lecture    Duration   2:00 pm    Abstract: This  lecture/ discussion will centre  on the transformative potentials of  the internet if seen as an activist  space of exploration. The focus  will be on networked performance  practices, where possibilities to  perform and […]

The Fellatio Modification Project // Proyecto de Modificación de felaciones


  The Fellatio Modification Project / Felaciones aun mas placenteras a través de tecnologías dentales e ingeniería de tejidos   Keywords    fellatio, body modification, gay, sex, pleasure, dentistry, tissue engineering   Format:   presentation    Abstract: The  Fellatio Modi?cation Project is a  series of oral modi?cations with  dental technology and tissue  engineering. The purpose of this […]

Satellite fishing // Pescando Satélites


Pescando satélites / talleres para aprender a buscar satélites, identificar sus frecuencias y escuchar las señales que emiten   Keywords:    satellites, invisible technologies    Abstract: satellites send their information via  radio. we want to show how one can know    where they are; where to find  out, what frequency they broadcast on;    how we can pick […]

Death Cafe // Cafeta de la Muerte


Cafeta de la Muerte // Death Cafe para que la muerte deje de ser tabú  Keywords: death, life, discussion, cake Format  This  is not a lecture or a workshop,  because there is no set agenda – it  needs to be open enough to allow for  sharing a wide variety o f  experiences and ideas.   […]