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The transformative potentials of online space

The transformative potentials of online space – queer strategies through networked performance art 

  Format   lecture 
  Duration   2:00 pm 
  Abstract: This  lecture/ discussion will centre  on the transformative potentials of  the internet if seen as an activist  space of exploration. The focus  will be on networked performance  practices, where possibilities to  perform and hack gender is of special  interest. The  lecture is in two parts.
The first part will show examples of  artists  and projects that use technology, which rethinks the body and  explores  modes of identity and gender transformation through the use of   networked space. There  will additionally be a focus on the status of the body in this  process  and on the embodiment reinscribed in today’s feminist and queer  post  human discourses.
The  second part will be a discussion where new strategies and ideas can  be  put out and inscribed in the development of the autonomous server; to   discuss the possibilities that this server can have for the development   of activist queer networked performance projects.
Metodology: The  lecture/ discussion will be in the  form of first a presentation that  shows relevant examples of art works  and theory, preferably projected  (if there is a projector available on  site) and with a small discussion  in the end.
The second part is a collective discussion and brainstorming.
  Language   english 
  Keywords    Networked performace, queer, transformation, internet, technology, post humanism, activism