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Feminist Zines in Cyberspace

Feminist Zines in Cyberspace is an archive blog that collects, digitalises and presents feminist zines and zines discussing feminist subjects.

More zines online:

  • IMG_7081Brob’s Zine World
    Feminist Zines in Cyberspace came into being when Brob Tilt suggested I could do some kind of archive thing with the feminist zines in his zine collection.
    Everything on grrrlzines, feminist zines and zines by women, girls, queers and transpeople: interviews and lots of information
  • Grassroots Feminism
    Archive project for feminist grassroots projects, includes database for European media projects and zines
  • Queer Zine Archive Project
    Online archive for queer zines
  • Zine Library
    Digitalised anarchist zines, including some feminist zines and pamphlets
  • Anarcha Library
    Archive of zines pamphlets and texts on subjects related to anarcha-feminism