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On the XLterrestrial radar, summer engagements …

< Aug4-11 > Transfeminist Hackmeeting Calafou, Spain || || Come One Come All! (And no, it’s not wimin only)…

{ Having investigated the cyborg ideologies out there in CiTiZEN KiNO #31, Xlterrestrials are still a Little unsure about Cyborgian romanticism and futurist fetisch-ization, which in our view is leading to further exploitation and degradation of our ‘natural’ environments, and to a potentially techno-fascist climate, but the nice artwork and ideas for Transhackfeminist meet IS alluring… and undoubtedly ENGAGED! }

>> original pos t<<


from THF! thanx so much for this feedback, we are going to discuss about what you suggest > Cyborgian romanticism and futurist fetisch-ization < can be a very interesting slot!



What is an XL Terrestrial ? Can I get abducted here ? Am I already a card-carrying member ? Will there be anything for sale ? Will there be info on how to participate in the escape routes ? Are C-jammers welcome ? And when will the movie be coming out ? All possible answers to come in the Podopolog, all in due time, the monkeys are typing in their cubicles now as you read this.

We wear many different hats. And when we are not obsessed with developing arts + praxis in the lab, we are also performers, theater interventionists, and realtime creatures who like to interact with other creative beings making arts + praxis in-the- flesh.