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ON > summer 2014: “thinking together”


 calafou references: summer 2014: “thinking together” in times of mediated politics and politicized technologies This June members of some of the most successful alternative projects met at Backbone 409 in Calafou with the objective “to build infrastructures for a free Internet from an anti-capitalist point of view: autonomous servers, open networks, online services, platforms, open […]

On the XLterrestrial radar, summer engagements …


< Aug4-11 > Transfeminist Hackmeeting Calafou, Spain || || Come One Come All! (And no, it’s not wimin only)… { Having investigated the cyborg ideologies out there in CiTiZEN KiNO #31, Xlterrestrials are still a Little unsure about Cyborgian romanticism and futurist fetisch-ization, which in our view is leading to further exploitation and […]