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THF! Pre-programa + Convocatoria sigue ABIERTA!


THF! cada vez mas cerca, la convocatoria extendida  hasta el 28 de JULIO sigue esperándote. ¿te apuntas? El pre-programa ha tomado cuerpo, un cultivo que crece día a día. En el menú tenemos: Talleres de programas libres para desarrollar performances en internet, streaming audiovisual, programación con python, mantenimiento de servidores. Cybersexo /Seguridad digital para activistas, […]

[INSPIRATIONS I] Wangechi Mutu


THF graphics is a remix cut and paste of inspirational image sourceries. One of them is the amazing Wangechi Mutu.Her visual work is powerfull and intriguin, full of body criticism and visual remix of found medical illustrations of female hysterimages. Wangechi Mutu Uterine Catarrh Glitter, ink, collage on found medical illustration paper “There’s this constant […]

Bruxelles 5/13 July / Shiftcore


SHIFTCORE is a one week event, from 5th to 13th of july. Based on a self-managed policy, we create workspaces to learn, train, experiment. Alone or together, we can work on different media and techniques, such as sound, video, graphics, sewing, whatever teases us ! Shiftwhat ? It’s a collective space and time where we […]

Backbone 409: Autonomous infrastructures for a free Internet


NOW IN CALAFOU: June 14–15 2014, Calafou, Barcelona A gathering of projects actively building infrastructures for a free Internet from an anti-capitalist point of view: autonomous servers, open networks, online services, platforms, open hardware, free software, etc. Safe place policy Food system Status update

[version 0.1] A feminist server …. constantvzw


Is a situated technology. She has a sense of context and considers herself part of an ecology of practices Is run for and by a community that cares enough for her in order to make her exist Builds on the materiality of software, hardware and the bodies gathered around it Opens herself to expose processes, […]