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Bruxelles 5/13 July / Shiftcore

SHIFTCORE is a one week event, from 5th to 13th of july. Based on a self-managed policy, we create workspaces to learn, train, experiment. Alone or together, we can work on different media and techniques, such as sound, video, graphics, sewing, whatever teases us !

Shiftwhat ?

It’s a collective space and time where we share tools and skills. Mutual aid is our way to achieve concrete productions of our ideas in a self-learning, DIY/DIT/DIWO* spirit.
Self management and collective participation are our way to do everything, in order to avoid oppression and domination of anyone in a group.

*DIY : do it yourself / DIT : do it together / DIWO : do it with others

Shiftcore will be what you want it to be, baby !

Shiftcore is a queer-only event.
>>> Why ? <<<

We feel it’s important to create and empower our own culture. Being queer-only allows us to build a platform that avoids us to justify about such things as non-straight(ened) sexualities or fluid genres. It’s not about imposing new norms but creating a safe space, away from the mainstream culture, straight-acting, misogynistic, patriarcal, racist, authoritarian…, and also out of commercial LGBTQI conventions.

Here, being queer is like breathing the air, unlike hetero-normativity running everywhere else.

Shiftcore is an empowering event !

It’s a week to share our knowledges. All medias are mixed, from art exhibitions to creative workshops, performances, meetings, sweet and savage reunions… We want to tell our own stories, put some shades in definitions, take back the discourses. In order to bend, parody, decolonize our images and imaginaries from hetero-normativity.
And to run deep into feminist queer experimentations of course !

First edition of the Shiftcore took place in Grenoble (Fr) in june 2013.

You can have a look on some of the things we created in the 2013 creations section of the website.

Spread the world to all your queers !