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Second TransHackFeminist-México Meet-up (THFMx2015)

For/para/pour 3rd THF CFP/llamada/appel à participation:

We are joyfull to summon feminist, queer and trans* bodies and collectives who are hacking the patriarchalcapitalist system. This is a call to participate in the second meeting of the THF, which will take place the 25th to 31st of July, 2015 at the ADA community centre in the city of Puebla, Mexico. 
We believe that our dissident bodies and identities can, as well as changing their own spaces, generate technologies and tools for liberation. The tradition of free software enables us, today, to amplify hardware and software to hack bodies, gender, academia, gynecology, maternity and child-rearing as well as operating systems, distributed networks, autonomous servers, “pirating”, open media, electronic devices, as explored in the first gathering of the THF, in august of last year in the eco-industrial and post-capitalist community of Calefou, 60 km from Barcelona. 
THFMx is an open call for projects that are developed between all the participants in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. 
We invite you to subscribe to the list to get the latest news and/or be involved in the organisation and generation of workshops, talks, dynamics, performaces, projections and concerts. 
The THFMx activities this year will sum up (as much as it makes sense in our context and interests) the areas proposed in the first THF (incarnated theory, performative tactics and liberation technology) and the conclusions we came to after that week of working together
1.- In the fields of technology in general, and hacking in particular, trans* and cis women and queer folk are represented in reduced numbers. Heteropatriarchy and power dynamics continue to be reproduced. How do we subvert these dynamics, and meet likeminded others who may be interested in creating and “un-elite-ing” knowledge, to generate liberating and emancipating technology?
2.- To think and re-think the concepts of trans-feminism and hacking. Our aim is not to close down their meanings, but on the contrary, to open them up and enrich them with new meanings. To comprehend how they can be inhabited and understood in different ways according to our varied life-histories, historical, economic and social contexts, geographies and languages
3.- To debate the critical approximations between technology, hacking cultures and feminism. To make our practices more relevant and visible to each other and to those who are interested in/by them.  
4.- To demand the politization of cyber, technological and feminist spaces to move towards a more holistic and transdisciplinary perspective. Towards a collective development against all forms of existing oppresion. Art, science, technology and the trades are divided only in those spaces where fragmented and capitalist thoughts seeps in. 
5.- The TXFMx will take place in Mexico to provoke spaces for dialogue, reflection and creation on a greater level: a dialogue which will add the perspectives of Latinamerican and comunitarian feminisms, and where colonialism will have no space in any form. We are making visible the differences and asymmetries that exist in access to technology, while also creating a space that unites us in those differences.
6.- Conscious of the enormous increase in violence in it’s most patriarchal expression <– feminicidal violence –> we think it essential to generate spaces of feminist self-defense in all areas. Emancipation and self-determination as sources of life. 
7.- To generate a space to make evident, to expose and subvert the enormous inequality, exploitation, sacking and extermination that the heteropatriarchal capitalist system provokes, putting an emphasis in the onslaught and charge against the feminine and the reproduction of life in all of it’s expressions.  
8.-To generate a space to open up concepts and possibilities where the words trans, hacker and feminism are a pre-text to re-think ourselves, to construct ourselves from the edge of possibility. 
9.- A space where neither time nor history are linear. A space in which we knit together and enter into our own past and future. 
10.- A space where we construct collective processes for knowledge, memory and creativity. 
11.- Spaces to dialogue, boycott and conspire against the patriarchy. 
12.- We consider it important to make explicit that the THFMx parts from the practice of the agreements generated in the first THF
Finally, this is not a closed call, on the contrary, THFMX is built by all — with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. 
We invite you to propose workshops, talks, dynamics, performance, projections, concerts or whatever activity you think could add to the debate. We will resume the areas proposed in Calafou THF (incarnated theory, performative tactics and liberating technology.) and we will add others that are proposed. 
  • For now, a proposal for organizers: To talk about experiences of praxis of trans-hack-feminist transformations in organisations of the anti-capitalist social movement. 
Help us to spread the word, to create graphic designs and videos. Join to help with the local organisation of events.
In the Calafou THF we debated about the terms TRANS and HACK:
The word “trans” needs to be understood in a plurality of perspectives. Trans as a noun, as a verb and as a prefix. To be in transition, in transformation, to be transgenderized, to be transversal, transdisciplinary, etc. Trans as a verb meaning to interrogate, to cross, to fuse. From a starting point, THF! takes into account the expansion, interconnection, cross of physical and metaphorical boundaries. It also points towards the fact that the concept is constantly evolving, admitting that when the notions become fixed or closed they begin to die. 
The term “hack” refers to the more traditional act of doing, of dismantling things, of understanding them in a deeper way. But it is also seen as an action and a performance to hack patriarchy, capitalism and other oppressive systems, and to make those systems explicit. THF! means to also be conscious and admit the privileges we have. It’s about understanding the relationship between privilege and oppression, subverting the existing order. A THF! practice is to be implicitly anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, andti-transphobic, and to use hacking as a means of resistance, sabotage and transformation. Finally, the word “hack” introduces the dimensions of contagion and contamination, understood from a positive prism. These “virii”: hackfeminsm and transfeminism, introduce new modalities of seeing the world which help to break down existing binaries (man vs woman, theory vs practice, who produces and who consumes, tech activists vs activists, etc). The concept of virality is also linked to authorship and the public domain, in the sense that productions are there to be redistributed, remixed, reconsidered and logically, also hacked. 
If you want to know about the activities of THF2014, you can see:
ADA community centre
The ADA community centre (( is in the city of Puebla, in one of it’s oldest neighbourhoods, San Antonio 
 ( It is an adapted building with a forum for 200 people, we also have a cellar in which there are 5 cubicles, a community kitchen, a hostel for 16 people 8 apartments and a cafe area with space for 80 people, and lots of space to be comfortable and spend the night.  
The community centre functions as a self-managed space, open to the participation of any peson or collective without a profit motive, run on the principles of solidarity, reciprocity, mutual support, and self-management. In this space we’ve organized concerts, gatherings, workshops and even referee meetings. 
What do we have?
    Forum with 200 person capacity
    Dressing Room
    Auditorium (150 capacity)
    3 cubicles
    Screen printing workshop
    Community kitchen
    Urban agriculture garden
    Space to sleep  
    Sound equipment
    3 microphones
    retro projector 
    stage lights
    7 tables
    30 chairs 
    Dressing room with theatre mirrors
    Sports mats 
Wish list:
    retro projector
    Sports Mats
    Domi’s and training equipment
    Food stuffs
    Onion Pi pack
    Toilet paper
    Cleaning liquids
    Extension leads
    Brooms, buckets, cloths
Mutual support, solidarity, autonomy, self-management, self-determination! 
Fist in the air, smiles on our faces and fury in our hearts!
Together we are more powerful!
Self-defense against systemic violence!
We don’t forgive or forget, too many of us are no longer here!
THF! Anarcha Server & Gynepunk technologies 
anti-patriarcal autonomous server & Do it with others (DIWO) gynecological biolab
TransHACKfeminist! camp (THF!) 4-11 August
Calafou, in collaboration with / etc (eclectic tech carnival), 
is pleased to open this call for proposals to all transfeminist collectives, 
queer, trans, women, hackers, genderhackers and unicorns among others.

We aim for a transHACKfeminist insurrection!

Our proposal is two-fold:

1.- ANARCHA SERVER: Antipatriarchal Autonomous Server
Together we will build an anti-patriarchal autonomous server, a tool that we hope 
to build collectively.


During the week we will:
-   Organize assemblies;
-   Debate and work in groups to answer our needs when working in a network 
(web hosting, domains, censorship, autonomy, technological self-management, mail servers);
-   Generate a continuity strategy (including: 
collective management, network servers, set up other servers in different sites);
-   Workshops on how to use computer terminals (beginners to advanced);
-   Workshop on how to install and configure a server;
-   Use the server;
-   Install and configure websites;
-   Focus on security, privacy and autonomy;
-   Communication tools and server organization.
Based on participants’ needs spontaneous workshops will be organized.

Together we will explore a Do-it-with-others (DIWO) Biolab
Why Anarcha? Looking backward and forward in the history of gynecology

During the week we will:
-   Presente on the Anarcha Gland and Biolab Gynepunk project;
-   Discuss the possibilities to self-managed hormones synthesis;
-   Organise workshops Howto create a Biolab (Basic materials): DIY microscope, 
the Del Em and other gynecologist technologies, among others. 

If you want to PROPOSE a workshop, talk or any other kind of activities
to reflect the essence of the two aforementioned issues, please do so by the 
DEADLINE: July 28th

The Camp will end with a Cabaret dedicated to 
Trans-futuristic Cyborgs
Excited? Do you want to join? 

If so complete the following forms and voilà!!
Please complete the registration form above! We need confirmation to: 
- Provide comfortable hosting (sleeping space).
- Food for everyone and every necessity