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Second TransHackFeminist-México Meet-up (THFMx2015)
We are joyfull to summon feminist, queer and trans* bodies and collectives who are hacking the patriarchalcapitalist system. This is a call to participate in the second meeting of the THF, which will take place the 25th to 31st of July, 2015 at the ADA community centre in the city of Puebla, Mexico. 
We believe that our dissident bodies and identities can, as well as changing their own spaces, generate technologies and tools for liberation. The tradition of free software enables us, today, to amplify hardware and software to hack bodies, gender, academia, gynecology, maternity and child-rearing as well as operating systems, distributed networks, autonomous servers, “pirating”, open media, electronic devices, as explored in the first gathering of the THF, in august of last year in the eco-industrial and post-capitalist community of Calefou, 60 km from Barcelona. 
THFMx is an open call for projects that are developed between all the participants in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. 
We invite you to subscribe to the list to get the latest news and/or be involved in the organisation and generation of workshops, talks, dynamics, performaces, projections and concerts. 

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