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(THF!) Anarcha Server & Tecnologias Gynepunk DIT

**To watch the Webstream / Para ver el streaming**


**For the Upstage Livestream visit:  It will start at 22:00 on August 9th, 2014 (spain time)**

Llega la insurrección transHACKfeminista! – the transHACKfeminist insurrection has come!

The TransH@ckFeminist (THF!) convergence, organised in collaboration with Calafou/etc (eclectic tech carnival), is a gathering of intersectional feminists, queer and trans people of all genders interested in better understanding, using and ultimately developing free and liberating technologies for social dissent, as an alternative to the corporatisation of technologies and the digital world. We understand technologies in their broadest sense including computer systems, (distributed) networks, “pirate”, community and/or independent radio/ tv, guerilla knitting and gardening, looming, hardware hacking as well as gender hacking.

: colectivos transfeministas, tullidxs, queer, trans, marikas, bollos, putxs, hackers, genderhackers, mutantes.

4 -11 Agosto  // 4-11 August



Jornadas TransH@ckFeminist!a (THF!), colaboración organizativa entre Calafou/etc (eclectic tech carnival), un encuentro de transfeministas, feministas, queer, trans, gente de todos los géneros interesadxs en entender mejor, usar y desarrollar tecnologías libres para disentir socialmente, como alternativa a la corporativización de las tecnologías y el mundo digital. Entendemos las tecnologías en su sentido más amplio incluyendo sistemas de computación, redes (distribuidas), “piratas”, comunidad y/o radio and independiente tv, guerrilla de punto, looming, hardware hacking así como gender hacking. 

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1_THF_Spectrum 6: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art8_THF_wangechi_mutu_oct20081viernesTHFtransfuturisticcyborgs