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What is genitalism? And the usage of language in emancipative contexts regarding sexes

keywords: Genitalism, emancipation, sex, gender, critic, language, activism, trans, cis, inter, assignment, body hierarchy

Abstract: Genitalism is a term invented by German antisexist activists that should describe the verbal (and following perceived) reduction of sexes on genitals. The workshop will start with some critical informations about the history and consequence of terms and categories like „transsexualism“, „cisgender“ , „intersex“, „biological sex“ and „gender identity“ . We then want to discuss about the problem that there are many people rejecting generalizing and body hierarchy reproducing categories like „trans“, „cis“ and „inter“, how these claims got repulsed out of most emancipative discussions and why they are important nevertheless.

Metodology: Lecture, Reading, Examples, Explaining, Discussion