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UpStage jam [performance]

Keywords: cyberformance, UpStage, live performance

Abstract: A Transhackfeminist jam performance in UpStage, with participants at Calafou and around the world, for audience at Calafou and online around the world; 30 minutes of live audio-visual online jamming on the theme of transhackfeminism.

Metodologia: we will prepare for the jam in the UpStage workshop; anyone who wants to be part of the jam should attend at least some of the UpStage workshop. remote participants will also be involved.

Participan: anyone who wants to join in the jam is welcome; you should join the UpStage workshop beforehand to prepare.

Since there will be remote participants & audience in different time zones, it would be helpful to have a confirmed time for the jam as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: the form does not allow to enter a duration of less than 1 hour!! the jam will probably be about 30 minutes, but i had to enter 1 hour otherwise the form will not submit.