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Video: Cracks in civilized landscapes

Cracks in civilized landscapes” 2013
media film version (43 min) or (21 min )
Project by Adriana Varella and Ife Niklaus  2013
 Format: experimental video
synopses: “Cracks  in civilized landscapes” is a   Lesbian-porn-feminist-video-poetry-performance manifest about   architecture, that literally fucks all kind of institutions… “Cracks  in civilized landscapes” is an experimental-video-performance  that  challenges architecture as a patriarchal authority. Filming  ourselves  in the process of fucking in a church, a mosque, a castle, a  museum, a  bank and other monuments, we try to deconstruct their sacred,  heroic  and sexist dimension. It is a subversive attempt of desecration.  We  infiltrate these buildings to decipher the oppressive power beyond   their formal aspect. The pornographic aspect of the work tends to   destroy gender. We use sex as a revolutionary process and  metamorphosis.  The film is punctuated by an abstract poem, which  recalls how language  generates gender. This work was created with a lot  of humor.It is in  French and Portuguese with subtitles in English
 Language:   english 
  Keywords    video experimental